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Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar Earrings DIY

Posted in disney, DIY, and Style

I’m so excited to share these DIY Mickey Mouse earrings because they combine two of my absolute favorite things: large, loud statement jewelry and Mickey Ice Cream Bars! This is a super easy DIY that requires little more than a couple of Disney key chains and pair of pliers. I found these very lightweight foam Mickey Ice Cream bar keychains at a store in Disneyland Resort, but any lightweight* keychains will work for this craft (*DO NOT use dense metal or other heavy keychains for this project).

What you’ll need:

  • 2 lightweight Mickey Mouse or other Disney Keychains
  • pliers
  • 2 earring hooks
  • jump rings
  • dark brown paint and paint brush (optional)

Step 1:

Use your pliers to remove the chain and keyring from the ice cream bars

Step 2:
On the back of the keychain was some white writing that I didn’t care to have on my earrings so I color matched some craft paint and painted over it, then let it dry before proceeding. If you don’t mind the writing, skip ahead to step 3.

Before and after painting

Step 3:
Use pliers to open a jump ring, then use the jump ring to connect the earring hook to the Mickey ice cream bar. Once attached, use the pliers to close the jump ring. Repeat for both earrings.

And that’s it! I really love the way these DIY Mickey Mouse earrings turned out and I love even more how easy they were to make. I hope this post inspires you to make a pair of DIY Disney earrings of your own! If you do, feel free to tag me (@erikaenchanted) and use #CastleCrafts when posting them to social media so I can share them!