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Museum of Monsters – A Family Friendly Halloween Experience in Los Angeles, California

Posted in Adventures, and Fall

Between the carnivals, costumes, trick-or-treating, and candy Halloween is a holiday that’s designed for kids to enjoy. But every year I struggle to find quality family-friendly Halloween activities to do with my kids. Enter Museum of Monsters. An interactive, sensory stimulating pop-up museum of colorful monsters, furry walls, a squeaky noodle pit and ofcourse, SLIME!

Your journey begins in the home of a family with a kid who’s developed a surprising fondness for all things monster-related, which is evident when we step into the child’s monster themed bedroom.

As it turns out, there exists a fantastical world beyond the family’s home where monsters not only roam, but go camping, take baths, and conduct science experiments.

Museum of Monsters is unlike other instagrammable art installations in that children are encouraged to go exploring off the beaten path, open containers, touch the art, and let their imaginations lead. It’s a monstrous treat for the whole family just in time for Halloween.

Museum of Monsters will be open for its Halloween/Fall program now thru Nov 21st and is located at 2927 S Sepulveda Blvd with parking in the lot behind the building. Tickets are available here.