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“I Like Scary Movies” Returns for the Halloween Season – Here’s What You Need to Know

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Last night was not a typical date night. In fact, it was anything but, as I brought Vince along as my “plus one” for a preview of the I Like Scary Movies Experience here in Los Angeles, CA.

The Shining

After seeing so many of my friends’ Instagram posts when ILSM opened its first installment back in April, I was thrilled to find out that it would be returning to LA this Halloween season and knew that I needed to experience it for myself.

Not to be confused with a haunted maze or jump scare experience, I Like Scary Movies is a groundbreaking interactive art installation that reimagines some of the horror genre’s most iconic movie settings for your Instagramming enjoyment.

The I Like Scary Movies Experience begins in a hauntingly cool lobby filled with photo-ops (like climbing into an actual coffin) to set the mood before you even begin your horror film journey. You’ll want to arrive about 15 minutes early for check-in and lobby photos. There is a restroom in the lobby in case you need to empty your bladder before entering the world of nightmarish films. But be advised that ILSM is a forward-moving exhibit, so once you’ve moved on from an area you won’t be able to return to it. This includes the lobby so be sure to get all the photos you want before entering.

Once inside, you’ll venture through memorable moments from The Shining, Nightmare on Elm Street, It, Beetlejuice, and the newly added Friday the 13th. For those who visited I Like Scary Movies the first time around, you’ll find that there are changes and surprises that have been added throughout the experience. But the biggest addition is the brand new area—and possibly my personal favorite—that allows guests to enter the world of Jason Vorhees and visit Camp Crystal Lake.

Each film’s area offers different types of interactive experiences—not limited to only photo ops. In the “It” room for example, “A Penny for your Fears” is a table where guests can write down a fear in exchange for a Pennywise souvenir penny.


In essence The I Like Scary Movies Experience is not an exclusively “Halloween” activity, but a celebration of iconic scary films. But ’tis the season! If you’re in the LA area and looking for a uniquely themed experience whether it’s a spooky date night (which I highly recommend), a Halloween group outing, or an alternative to a haunted maze, ILSM is a perfect way to celebrate the spooky season. The installation is not really intended for children but since there are no jump scares or anything intended to be particularly frightening, I do think it would be ok to bring older kids to this experience, depending on maturity (which parents know, varies from kid to kid). However, the enjoyment of ILSM really comes from the recognition and appreciation for the films being represented so I would take that into consideration.

Friday the 13th

I had a chance last night to speak with Maximillian, the creator of I Like Scary Movies and it is clear that this experience at its core is an artist wanting to express his love of scary movies and share that with others who love the horror genre just as much. Guests are encouraged to interact with the art and be as creative as possible. Costumes are welcome, but note that masks, face painting, and weapons (real or fake) will not be allowed. This is your chance to step into the films you love and make the story your own. Go live your nightmares, and above all — have fun!

I Like Scary Movies opens its doors tonight, September 20, 2019 and will remain open through November 17th, 2019. Tickets are on sale now for $39 and can be purchased here.

The Shining