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Googly-Eyed DIY Monster Shirts for Halloween

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My goal is to someday be able to dress in costume every day of October. This year I got a little bit closer to that goal with these DIY monster shirts that my daughter and I made for a monster themed outing. And I loved being dressed up in the Halloween spirit without being in an actual costume.

DIY Halloween monster shirts
DIY Monster “costumes” at Museum of Monsters

Here’s a tutorial for these easy DIY monster shirts we made for ourselves to wear to Museum of Monsters!


supplies for googly eyed halloween diy monster shirts
  • t-shirt (This will be the basis of your diy monster shirt. Any style and color will do)
  • large googly eyes (I went to my Michael’s and picked up the biggest ones I could find– they also glow in the dark so that was an added bonus)
  • craft glue (the photo above shows fabric glue, but that didn’t end up working out for me so I recommend tacky craft glue or even a hot glue gun to secure the googly eyes.
  • black and white felt
  • fabric pencil or white color pencil
  • scissors


Step 1

Cut off the bottom of the shirt in a wavy or zig-zag pattern. This step isn’t 100% necessary if you’re in a hurry, but I really like the look and think it adds to the “monster” feel of the shirt.

Step 2

Use the fabric pencil to draw a mouth on the black fabric. Next, draw teeth to go inside the mouth on the white fabric. Then cut out all of the pieces and glue the teeth to the inside of the mouth.

Step 3

Center the googly eyes (as few or as many as you want… they’re monsters, afterall) where you want them on and glue them in place on your monster shirt. Then locate where you want your mouth and glue it in place. Let dry according to directions on your glue’s packaging.

Completed DIY monster shirts with googly eyes

Step 4

RAWR!!! You have a DIY Monster Shirt complete with googly eyes and pointy teeth!
Happy Halloween!!!