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Napa Rose Princess Breakfast Adventure at Disneyland Resort

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Princess Tiana disneybound at Napa Rose
Ready for a Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure

As someone who is a big fan of character dining at Disney Parks I was super excited to learn that one of my favorite Disneyland Resort restaurants, Napa Rose would be getting a brand new princess-centric character dining experience. My daughter and I attended an early preview of the character dining experience. So here’s the info on everything you’ll need to know before deciding to make a reservation. (To skip ahead to Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure menu and price information, scroll to the bottom of this post).

For starters, this character dining experience has been aptly named the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure.

Tangled Tic-Tac-Toe

As soon as we walked in we saw Rapunzel waiting to say hello. At check-in Zoe received an autograph book and a pen. Next we relaxed in the waiting area where we played a game of Tangled Tic-Tac-Toe sipping sparkling wine and cider. To my knowledge, it is the only Disneyland Resort experience where you can meet as many as 8 princesses in one place! Similar character dining such as Disney World’s Bon Voyage character breakfast have at most 2 or 3 princesses at a time. among other characters (in the case of Bon Voyage, Rapunzel and Ariel arrive with Prince Eric and Flynn Rider) so right away this character dining is unique because it is all about the princesses.

Another thing that set this character breakfast apart from others I’ve attended is that you truly do get a full adventure!

Princess Tiana at the Napa Rose Princess Breakfast Adventure at Disneyland Resort
Princess Tiana at Napa Rose

The princesses aren’t just coming to your table for a quick hello and a photo, they are sharing stories and playing games. Zoe came to the breakfast dressed as Princess Tiana and it was fun to hear all of the princesses telling Zoe how much she “reminds them of their friend, Tiana” and excited Tiana would be to see her dress. When Princess Tiana finally made her way to our table, Zoe was beaming with excitement to show off their shared style.

Princess Tiana spent so much time with my daughter, dancing and sharing stories. At one point she asked Zoe if she’d tried any new foods since we’d arrived (a very big topic in our home because my little princess is one of the pickiest eaters I’ve ever seen). Tiana went on to tell Zoe all about her time as a little frog in the bayou and what a new and scary experience it was for her, but that she was glad that she’d had the opportunity because it lead her to so many new friends. Tears welled in my eyes as I listened to the two of them go on chatting like old girlfriends. I took a mental snapshot of Zoe’s smile at that moment and will hold that memory close to my heart for the rest of my life. 

I could say so much more about the incredible interactions with all of the princesses, but I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the amazing food. Napa Rose is after all well known for their award-winning fine dining. Our meal began with a sweet breakfast bread basket and accompanying lemon curd. Everything in that basket was pure heaven, but if you have more self-control than I and decide to only try one, make sure its the pull-apart monkey bread.

Tiana’s Mardi Gras Refresher at Napa Rose

As we noshed on our bread we were handed a drink menu with an ample selection of both cocktails and non-alcoholic “mock-tails.” Zoe really appreciated the mocktail menu because it’s always so fun for kids to have a special drink at a fancy meal and one can only have so many Shirley Temples in one’s lifetime. Keeping in theme, Zoe chose a drink called Tiana’s Mardi Gras Refresher with lime juice, tangerine juice, ginger ale, and passionfruit syrup.

Disney Princess Appetizer Tower

With beverages in hand, it was now time for an appetizer tower of adorably themed bites. We had a slightly modified tower made to be vegetarian. But the details of the full tower are below which include the miniature lobster rolls which I hear are a must-try. 

In true Disney character dining fashion, the main breakfast course was buffet style. Our server invited us up to the kitchen where we had a selection that included Disney breakfast staples such like Mickey Waffles (in this case served with a small piece of chicken), scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, and an ample variety of fruit (click here for the full menu).

If you are vegan, be sure to say so to your server. I am vegetarian but often prefer to eat vegan at restaurants. I was brought a special plate containing vegan Mickey waffles, Impossible brand meatless sausage, a tofu scramble, sautéed vegetables, and fruit.

Vegan Mickey Waffle breakfast plate
Disney Princess Dessert Tray

Last but definitely not least, what would a Disney Princess breakfast be without Disney princess themed dessert, amirite? They brought us a double-decker platter of the cutest princess-inspired desserts, as delicious as they were beautiful. Since Zoe wore a Tiana costume, she immediately reached for the Tiana cake pop. I ended up being her favorite item on the plate.

But here’s the best part. On the bottom of the chocolate, Tiana-inspired cake pop are two edible stars that represent Ray and Evangeline. Are you sobbing yet? It’s ok, I’m not judging.
Vegan dessert options are also available.

Early in the meal, each table gets and adventure guide in addition to their regular server. Just as we thought our Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure was coming to an end,  our adventure guide told us it was time to head outside. On the back patio, we were greeted by Mulan who welcomed us. We were lead over to her along with our friend (and fellow blogger) Kathleen’s daughters who’d been seated near us. The girls sat on a mat listening to Mulan’s story about how she helped the Chinese army defeat the Huns. We of course this story, but it was so captivating to her re-tell the story in the first person.

Mulan at the Napa Rose princess breakfast adventure
Storytime with Mulan

When we left Mulan, we had canoeing lessons from Pocahontas. And just before leaving we were able to take a Disney Photo Pass picture with Ariel. The girls enjoyed a chat with her about her undersea adventures. As we exit, each guest receives a fare-well keepsake: A Swarovski crystal tiara necklace for Zoe and a Breakfast Princess Adventure drawstring bag and princess-themed chocolates for me.

Disney Princess Breakfast keepsake
Princess Aurora at Napa Rose
Catching up with old friends

This definitely isn’t your typical Disney Character Dining experience. Though I love them as well and they are a quintessential part of my Disney vacations. But the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure made us feel like true royalty. It felt less like my daughter was meeting princesses, and more like she was one of them…visiting her old friends. You’ll notice that the price is more than other character breakfasts. I wondered why initially, but now having experienced it myself I can genuinely say that it is worth every penny.

I definitely recommend the princess breakfast for very special occasions. Keep in mind that while you do get to enjoy a great meal, this breakfast is more about the experience with the princesses. Be sure to allow yourself a couple of hours to enjoy it. This does make it more time-consuming so it’s not ideal if you’re in a hurry to get into the parks. But if you’re looking to make a special memory, definitely try the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure. Click here to book your reservation!

Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure Details (w/ price and menu)