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Dip Dye Candy Corn Dress – DIY

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Here it is! The first Halloween DIY of the season — a Dip Dye Candy Corn Dress!

I made my daughter an adorable candy corn colored dress using and inexpensive white t-shirt dress from Amazon and RIT fabric dye. She wore it to Disneyland for the first day of their Halloween Time celebrations and was elated by all the compliments she received throughout the day. Here’s how to make your own!

What you’ll need:

  • White dress (preferably 100% cotton so it takes the color better)
  • Yellow fabric dye
  • Red -OR- Orange fabric dye (read step 5 of the instructions to decide which method you prefer)
  • Large (preferably shallow) plastic tub
  • Rubber gloves (optional, but recommend)

What to do:

Step 1

To begin, saturate the dress in water and then ring it out throughly so it is still wet but not dripping. This is to help the color absorb evenly into the fabric.

Step 2

Follow the package directions to prepare the yellow dye. The amount needed may vary depending on the size and depth of your tub, but ideally you’ll want a dye solution that is about 6″ deep.

Step 3

Holding the dress upright from the shoulders, submerge (dip dye) only the bottom third of the dress into the yellow dye. Hold it there for 30 seconds and then lift to assure the color is absorbing. Repeat this step several times until the color is to your liking. (Keep in mind that the color will be lighter when dry)

Step 4

If you’re not already wearing them, now would be a good time to put on gloves. Ring out the dyed portion of the dress until it is no longer dripping. Then take it to a sink and rinse thoroughly to remove excess dye.

Step 5

Return to the yellow dye tub and add a small amount* of red dye. The reason I used red and not orange is because I already have the yellow dye bath prepared so it was easier to add red to that to create orange. However, the risk is getting the color just right. So if you’d prefer to discard the yellow dye and start over with orange, that is a “safer” method. But I’m a risk-taker so I took my chances with red (also because I already had yellow and red at home). *The amount of red dye you need will depend on how much yellow solution you made. I suggest using small amounts until you think you’ve achieved a shade you like and then testing on a white sock or cloth napkin you don’t care about.

Step 6

Holding the top and bottom of the dress, submerge (dip dye) the middle third of the dress into the orange dye bath. Repeating the steps you did with the yellow dye in steps 3 and 4.

Step 7

Lay dress flat on a towel to dry for several hours (I suggest overnight) and it’s ready to wear to your Halloween event!

Zoe wore this as a regular dress and it absolutely slayed, but you can also pair it with a DIY Candy Corn Headband (coming soon) to create a complete comfy costume look that’s perfect for school or theme park Halloween events!