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Celebrating a BFF’s Birthday at Disneyland

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Happy National Best Friends Day!!! I’m so thankful that Zoe has had the privilege of having a bff like Hayden. And honestly, I’m just as lucky to have Hayden’s mom as one of *my* best friends. 

Zoe and Hayden have known one another since they were bald little babies just drooling and staring at each other. And for as long as either of them can remember they’ve dreamt of visiting Disneyland together.

They’ve been there for so many of each other’s milestones and for Hayden’s 8th birthday we had the privilege of bringing her to Disneyland for her first visit ever!

It was such a magical memory to make for the two of them and I had so much fun watching them run around Disneyland.  This resort is my second home and getting to share that with someone who is like a second daughter was like getting to relive my own kids’ first visits all over again. I hope that some day when these two are my age they’ll still be there for each other, remembering memories like this and making new ones.

Check out the highlights from the girls’ magical day at Disneyland in the video above.