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5 Quotes from The Swan Princess That Remind Us Odette is the Strong, Independent Princess We Deserve

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We’re celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Swan Princess!!!

Admittedly, it had been years since I last saw this film so I was thrilled to be sent the remastered anniversary edition of this 1994 classic on blu-ray to relive this iconic story and share it with my 7 year old daughter.
The Swan Princess is a tale of 2 childhood friends—Princess Odette and Prince Derek—who fall in love as adults, only separated by the evil sorcerer, Rothbart who seeks Odette’s hand in marriage to become king. She is placed under a curse in which she lives her life as a Swan by day, returning to her true form by the light of the moon on the lake. And the only way to break the spell is—yep, you guessed it—true love.

I was legitimately impressed by how much this film holds up and how it still holds such a special place in my nostalgic heat. But perhaps even more impressive is how Odette, seemingly ahead of her time is an example of a strong, powerful, and independent princess. She’s a total boss, in charge of her own destiny and here are 5 quotes from The Swan Princess to prove it:

Derek: “You’re beautiful”
Odette: “Thank you, but what else?”

Right from the start, Odette has a strong sense of self. She wasn’t having any of Prince Derek’s shenanigans when they were kids and now in spite of their apparent chemistry, she wants to know that he sees more in here than superficial beauty.

“You Lost a Queen, Derek.” -Brom

This isn’t actually an Odette quote but it exemplifies my point perfectly. When the couple gets past their youthful “no girls allowed” / “boys are gross” disdain for one another, Prince Derek and Princess Odette realize they now feel an attraction between each other. Prince Derek proposes but when he fails to convince her, Odette leaves. The above quote is said by Prince Derek’s friend Brom during a game of chess. In reaction to a winning play, Brom says “You lost a queen, Derek,” to which Prince Derek replies, “That’s twice in one day.”

“I need to know that he loves me for just being me.”

In an era of love at first sight followed by marriage and “Happily Ever After,” Odette takes the time to get to know her would-be prince charming. Even when he proposes, she wants to be sure that it’s for the right reasons.

“We have all the courage we require. No fear.”

Even as a swan—small and seemingly fragile, Odette is determined to break the curse. She inspires her newfound animal friends and stands strong in the face to peril.

“I will never be yours.”

With all odds stacked against her, Rothbart offers to break the curse in exchange for Odette’s hand in marriage to rule by his side. But our girl Odette refused to compromise her dignity. And this is why we love her.

The Swan Princess 25th anniversary edition is available now on Blu-ray and digital.
Pick up a copy and relive your childhood!