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Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors is Everything I Wish I’d Had Growing Up

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Today Zoe and I were invited to attend an early screening of Marvel Rising : Secret Warriors.

Kamala (aka Ms Marvel) is a Captain Marvel fan girl who has only recently come in to her own Inhuman powers. Along with her bestie, Doreen (aka Squirrel Girl) and others with varying abilities, they find themselves up against a powerful foe that they can only defeat by embracing their unique strengths and trusting their instincts to do what is right. (I know that’s super vague, but I’m doing my best to avoid spoilers, haha.)

This new film is everything I wish I’d had growing up as a little girl. A superhero geek from day one, I always found myself clinging to characters like Storm and Rogue of the X-men because I felt that if these women could be superheroes and just as cool as the boys, then so could I. The problem of course being that these characters who looked like me were so few and far between. Today I was moved to tears as I watched a movie that represented the human race in a way that has previously been far too rare in the cartoon universe. This tale of friendship, triumph, and self confidence represents not only women, but POCs, LGBTQ, and yes, Patriot is still representing for all the boys out there too and teaches everyone watching that the greatest thing to aspire to is being yourself.

Marvel Rising : Secret Warriors premiers September 30th on Disney Channel and Disney XD and we can’t wait to follow these inspiring characters into even more adventures! Play the video below for mine and Zoe’s opinions of today’s screening.