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Thrifting for Disneybounds

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Today is National Thrift Shop Day!!! To celebrate, I went thrift shopping with my good friend Briana who is the absolute queen when it comes to creating incredible fashion out of thrift store items. Our mission is to find the perfect thrifted disneybound.

Thriftshoping for Disneybounds

Briana is a frugal fashionista with an eye for a good deal and great style. She’s also a thrifting and disneybounding expert. So I asked her to share a few tips on how to find the perfect thrifted disneybound.

Beginning your disneybound thrifting journey

The first thing Briana advised me to do was to wear thin layers. Many thrift stores don’t have dressing rooms, but they will usually have mirrors available to use. Wearing thin layers of clothing will allow you to be able to try on outfits before you buy them.

Now that I knew what to wear, it was time to shop. But where to start??? Thrift stores are filled with rows of items with minimal organization. That can definitely be a bit overwhelming at first glance. I arrived a few minutes before Briana and realized that I had no idea what I was doing. Fortunately, she walked in shortly after and was able to offer some guidance. “For Disneybounding specifically, I like to start in the dress section. I look at both the solids and prints hoping to find something that inspires a character. And then I build from there.”

So we headed to the dress aisle. It was a treasure trove of inspiration! We sorted through piece by piece and along the way found several things that reminded us of Disney characters.

Thrifted Minnie Mouse Disneybound
Thrifted Disneybound of Minnie Mouse
Thrifted DIsneybound of Hank from Finding Dory

Even if you don’t wear dresses, the idea Is to begin with one basic piece to build on. And this advice applies any time you’re planning a disneybound.

Finding the Bargains

After picking out some pieces for our thrifted disneybounds, I asked Briana how she goes about comparing the value of an item to it’s labeled price. In other words, how do you tell what’s a deal and what’s a dud? Briana’s tip for this is to definitely utilize Google. Over time and with much practice, Briana has developed an eye for spotting vintage items and having a good idea of their approximate era and value. But even she still refers to the internet when she’s not sure. Thanks to smart phones, a quick background check can help you to know whether a piece is priced too high or an incredible find.

“Another tip for saving money is to know which tags are on sale on which days,” she tells me, pointing to a large sign in the center of the store. Every item in the store is assigned a colored tag and on different days of the week, there are discounts that correspond to each color. And some days (like the day we went) include all of the tags.

“Persistence is key!”


Which day of the week you shop on can be the difference between paying regular price and getting 50% off! She then added, “Be willing to hold out for the item you want to be marked down. Persistence is key. The more often you go, the better the selection. Not only that, but the people at the store start to remember you (assuming you take 2 seconds at the register or out in the aisles to introduce yourself). I get great deals sometimes as well as things like early purchase and free home delivery because the cashiers and pricers remember me.”

I began this adventure with a $20 bill and my goal was to find a disneybound within that budget. At the end of the day, I walked away with a perfect dress to disneybound as Fear from Inside Out as well as a few other pieces that I can’t wait to incorporate into bounds…all for just over $13!!!

I was below my spending budget and I owe a huuuge thank you to Briana for showing me this wonderful world of thrifting. Be sure to follow her on social media (@brianamatopoeia) to see more of her adorable thrifted outfits as well as so much more. Thrift store Disneybounds FTW!!!

Thrifted Disneybound 
Disneybounding as Fear from inside out