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Tangled Inspired Engagement Party

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It’s wedding season and with multiple friends planning upcoming ceremonies, love is definitely in the air! Briana has been one of my best friends for a long time now and I even got to be a co-conspirator in planning where and how Adam would pop the question; so even before I was asked to be maid-of-honor, I insisted on hosting an engagement party for our close friends. What can I say, I’m a hopeless romantic who loves a good love story. Vince and I first met the happy couple years ago through our shared love of Disney and Disneybounding so we knew right away that Disney would be in the details for this special occasion. Not only that, but the movie Tangled has extra sentimental value to them (Briana was once very good friends with Rapunzel while working at the Magic Kingdom) so choosing the theme for this particular soiree was the easiest part. From there, I just had to figure out details.

The Location

Courtesy of Lindsay Coulter Photography

As you may have noticed, we in the Disney community love taking pictures so I decided on an outdoor venue in the late afternoon so that we would have at least a few good hours of sunlight for photo-ops (because…priorities!) We were fortunate enough to have access to an already furnished private rooftop in San Pedro, CA overlooking the Port of Los Angeles and it was absolutely beautiful.


It was important to me that the decor be whimsical, but classy. I wanted it to be very obviously Tangled-inspired, but also elegant and not too over-the-top. Fortunately, I have a ton of creative friends so I rallied the troops!

My friend and fellow bridesmaid, Stephanie creates sculptures from plants for a living and created an incredible Pascal topiary for the party. I used Pascal as a centerpiece for the main table that held the guest book, dream box (more on that later), and eventually the cake. And with the harbor in the background, it made the perfect photo spot.

Courtesy of Lindsay Coulter Photography

The artistic expertise of designers Vince Kurzawa and Neil Williams II (who also happens to cosplay Flynn Rider) came in handy as well. Neil had already created a replica of one of the iconic floating lanterns from the film and was kind enough to let us borrow it as a photo prop. Vince put Adam’s likeness on “Wanted” posters just like the ones from the movie that read “Wanted for stealing Briana’s heart” (he even intentionally got his nose wrong).

Briana and I with the lantern (Tia and Punzie forever)


Courtesy of Lindsay Coulter Photography

Vince also created a special snapchat filter for the occasion.

Via Snapchat

A friend of the bride-to-be’s created an incredible replica of the Snuggly Duckling sign which was the perfect adornment for our beverage table.

Courtesy of Lindsay Coulter Photography

And while I’m giving shout-outs, I have to give a big thank you to my friend and incredible photographer Lindsay for photographing the party (She also took the majority of the pics in this post. Be sure to check out her website!).

The Food

I wanted to keep the food options simple, so I didn’t go too crazy with theming. BUT, I did get a long submarine sandwich with the intention of it being reminiscent of Rapunzel’s long braid. I don’t think it quite read the way I’d hoped it would and if I had it to do over again, I’d use a braided baguette as the bread and arrange flower shaped cut outs of vegetables around the sandwich as garnish.

When Adam proposed, we were at a 1920s themed speakeasy in downtown Las Vegas that serves different flavors of complimentary gourmet popcorn at each table. This was more of an inside reference between my husband and I and the bride and groom, but I filled little popcorn containers with four different flavors of popcorn and placed one on each table with a little note that said “Adam POPPED the question and Briana said ‘yes'” (And yes, I do know how cheesy that is, thank you very much. :P)

Courtesy of Lindsay Coulter Photography

For the drinks, there was beer and wine and one signature cocktail that I called “Pascal Punch” (because alliteration is my fave). The cocktail was just limeade (with green food coloring), lime La Croix, and vodka, but it was a definite crowd pleaser.

Courtesy of Lindsay Coulter Photography

The Cake, etc.

For the cake I again wanted to reel in the kitsch as much as possible, while still giving the feeling of being at a celebration in the Kingdom of Corona. Torrance Bakery is the place to go for cakes in the South Bay area and together with the cake experts there we were able to come up with exactly that. They created a round layer cake with lavender buttercream and a border reminiscent of Rapunzel’s hair. It was perfect. 

Courtesy of Lindsay Coulter Photography

Next to the cake was a photo album we used as a guest book. We set up a Fujifilm Instax next to the guest book and asked guests to snap a pic of themselves and add a caption.

Also on the cake table was a “dream box.” Guests were to write down a “dream” or “wish” or other kind words and put it in the box for the couple to read as they embark on their new adventure together. No one will know what is written inside of the box and I am holding on to it until after the wedding to give to them. I was particularly fond of this particular detail because I wanted to give the couple something that they could look back on after all the planning and the wedding and even the honeymoon was over. I imagine that one night as they’re winding down for the evening and settling in to their new life, they will open the dream box and read all of the well wishes and love that their friends wrote down for them and remember this special day as they begin making plans for their future.

Courtesy of Lindsay Coulter Photography



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