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Month: August 2017

Tangled Hair Pasta

Posted in Recipes

It’s Meatless Monday!!!

Something I haven’t really talked about on the blog yet is that my husband and I have recently become vegetarian. While we’re not 100% vegan, I’m trying my best to prepare the majority of our meals without any dairy or eggs as well and this pasta recipe is one of my new faves! It’s angel hair pasta with a yellow bell pepper sauce. When I saw the final result, it reminded me of Rapunzel’s hair, so I decided to garnish it with additional peppers to represent the flowers in her hair and make this a Tangled inspired dish. It was an adorable way to make this vegan meal a little more exciting for the kids. Plus, it’s super easy and delicious!

“Shiny” Tamatoa inspired DIY Sunglasses

Posted in Disneybound, and DIY

Confession: My daughter and I love all things colorful and sparkly. So naturally, we are absolutely in love with Tamatoa’s fabulously glam style in Disney’s Moana! I decided to follow the lead of the world’s shiniest crab and created this simple sunglasses DIY to take a Tamatoa disneybound from drab to fab in just 3 easy steps. Shiny!!!

Ellie Badge Ice Cream Sandwich (Inspired by Pixar’s Up)

Posted in DIY, and Recipes

You and me… we’re in a club now! It’s a club for people who love Disney and ice cream and Disney-inspired ice cream!!!

In honor of National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, I drew inspiration from the movie, Up and created what I’m calling the Ellie Badge Ice Cream Sandwich! It’s an over-sized grape soda flavored ice cream sandwich held together with two bottle cap shaped sugar cookies, and decorated with royal icing to resemble the “badge” Ellie gives to Carl in the film. It was super fun to make and even more fun to slice up and eat!