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DIY “Carl and Ellie” Mailbox

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So one day I was walking through Michael’s and happened to come across these adorable mini-mailboxes for about $3 and I immediately knew exactly what I wanted to do with one. So I picked it up, brought it home and let it sit on a shelf for about a month (isn’t that the way these things always go?!) But today I woke up feeling crafty and decided that this was the day that I would finally create my Carl and Ellie replica mailbox from the Disney Pixar movie Up. Here’s how I did it. 🙂

  1. First things first, gather your supplies. If you’re someone who crafts often you’ll probably have most of these things in your house already. If not, you can find all of these things and any local craft store or even the art supply section of your local Walmart (with the exception of the mailbox itself, which I mentioned before came from Michael’s craft store).

Carl and Ellie Mailbox

  • Mailbox
  • Acrylic paint (I decided to mimic the colors from the movie, but feel free to change it up!)
  • Fine tip paint brushes
  • Pencil
  • Tiny hands (more on that later)
  1. Use the pencil to write out the names (or whatever words you want, for that matter) on the mailbox, making sure to leave room for the handprints to come later. Do not skip this step…trust me. It took several tries before I got the placement precisely where I wanted it and unless you’re super pro, you won’t want to do that with paint.

  2. Here’s where those tiny hands come in to play. If you’re doing this on an actual mailbox, using your own hands to make the handprints will probably work just fine. However, I was working with a miniature mailbox which meant that one of my hands would take up the entire thing. And that, ladies and gentlemen is why we have children. And since my kids jump at any chance to get messy, they were more than happy to “lend a hand” (see what I did there?)

Carl and Ellie Mailbox Carl and Ellie mailbox

Begin with the larger of the two hands and cover the palm in the paint color of your choice. I found that actually painting the hand with a paint brush works better than just dipping the hand in paint, but either method will get the job done. Next, carefully place the hand where you intend for it to go. In this case, it should be somewhere near the top left of the mailbox. Be sure to press down the palm and all of the fingers to get a good, clean print and then remove the hand and let dry. Repeat the same method with the smaller hand, this time placing the hand on the lower left part of the mailbox, the fingers of the smaller hand should overlap a little with those of the larger hand.

Carl and Ellie Mailbox

4. Now it’s time to paint on the names. If there is any advice I can give for this part, it’s to take your time. If you’re an experienced artist, used to executing perfect penmanship with a paint brush, then by all means go ahead and Van Gogh ahead (tee-hee). But for someone like myself who is not necessarily used to using this medium to write cursive letters, I found that slow and steady worked best. And don’t feel like you’ve just got one shot. I went over the lettering a couple of times before I was happy with it.

Carl and Ellie mailbox

5. Lastly, as an optional step I recommend finishing the mailbox with some type of sealant as acrylic paint on metal can be easily scratched and nicked. A sealant will help your paint stay on and looking good as new. And there you have it! I love it so much that I’m considering making a few as gifts to some of my favorite couples. It would also be adorable on a wedding or shower gift table to collect cards.

What will you do with yours? I’d love to see how others turn out so if you make one of your own, please share! Post your photos to instagram and hashtag #castlecravings or email them to [email protected]!